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JPH037674Y2  |  JP PATENTS  |  26-Feb-1991
JPH037674B2  |  JP PATENTS  |  04-Feb-1991
NEW MATERIAL:A compound shown by the formula I(A is methylene and B is carbonyl when AB bond is single bond and A and B form vinylene when AB bond is double bond; R1 is H, 1W3C alkyl or 2-hydroxyethyl; R2 and R3 are H, methyl or ethyl and R3 may be bonded to the same carbon to which R2 is linked; R4 is methyl or ethyl;...
JPH037674U  |  JP APPLICATIONS  |  24-Jan-1991
JPH037674A  |  JP APPLICATIONS  |  14-Jan-1991
PURPOSE: To perform installation and adjustment of a steering device in a narrow body space easily by unifying a knuckle arm, steering shaft, and lower frame to be fitted to a steering ski, and fitting/removing it in consolidated structure to/from an upper frame. CONSTITUTION: A lower frame 4 is removably fitted to the...